Harold Escotet

Miembro Activo

Hello my name is Harold Escotet, I am a Cinematographer by heart but a filmmaker and Producer by the journey. I consider myself as a young entrepreneur inside this Creative Visual era we are in. Since 1998, I have been working in the field of visual arts supporting and collaborating in a variety of ways. Through time, I learned that it’s all about teamwork. My background on Computer Sciences as a System Engineer helped me understand computers and algorithms from the inside out. Nowadays, cameras have evolved into computers and with more capabilities than we can expect. Cameras can see better than ever (and than us!) through the darkness and the highlights, and even more so with the help of drones and rudge gear, expanding the limits of my filmmaking from the sky to the depths of the underwaters. My journey in the visual media has gone from Graphic Designs, Animations, Editing, VFX, all the way to Rendering & Processing, which has also offered me a wider scope of tools and experience in this visual and so demanding Craft.

So far I’ve worked independently for many Production Companies, Advertising Agencies and some boutique/personal clients. As a visual person and Engineer my love for Digital Arts has grown over the years. I am eager to learn, every day, more and more, about pushing film productions to the next level.

At the moment, I am participating and representing the new era of how we digitalize our photographic moments through our phones, via a new social media applications, like FYUSE. I am also collaborating on the Youtube channel by VODAFONE “El futuro es ONE”, which offered me the chance to travel all over the USA, meeting high level Scientists that have change the world in a big and positive way through Science and Technology.

I also worked for a Netflix show by a production house name BANGER FILM, in a documentary called «The HIP HOP Evolution» for which we recently received a 2017 Emmy award. Another two major productions that I am involve with are «Atlas of the Future», which is a similar campaign as the one by Vodafone, but is more environmentalist oriented. This project gave me the opportunity of meeting very important people working toward climate change and dealing with the effects of global warming. And last but not least is the company TECHNICOLOR, which I have been working closely since I arrived to Los Angeles, California in 2014. With this client specifically I have been collaborating and learning a lot about the ideas and tendencies of great filmmakers inside the film industry directly from strong vision filmmakers and we all can be seen on the Youtube channel “storytellers» from the Technicolor youtube Channel.

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